I can Scare!  August 27, 2010 - April 2, 2011

Contest Completed


Sleeping with mom and dad! - The Uprising
Runaway! - Hit the Black
Crying! - David and the devil
Goosebumps! - Death to the Outsiders
Coving eyes! - Melted Fears
Shiver.. - Her Patient Apprehension (All Hallows Eve)
runner ups - Psycho Faced Killer
runner ups - [writing deleted]
runner ups - Little Annie
runner ups - Charley


You can write any kind of story, poem, or anything it just has to be scary. So do you best and let see who can make the most screams, chills, and thrill happen. (The titles of the awards are by how scared a person would be if they read it.) sorry have to set back date been really busy.



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Created Aug 28, 2010