IM 4 REVOLUTION - Get National Circulation if you win!  July 10, 2014 - July 18, 2014

Contest Completed


The Fred Hampton Award *Highest Honor - Two poems for the vice of nun
The Weather Underground Award - End of Days, For my father "Eddie Morgan Jr" who died 06/14/15
Palestine United Award - Grecian Urn
Liberation Press Award - [writing deleted]
Revolutionary Press Award - Masquerade


Get your Poem featured in the next S.D.S. Mailing which goes to over 200 College Campuses Across the United States & over 300,000 active subscribers.

As one of my side roles irl, i am the director of communications for students for a democratic society (s.d.s. / & the corresponding national working committee.

I thought it would be fun to , instead of pulling one of our random quotes from a former (probably dead) revolutionary leader, why not inspire from within. Before I made this a public option for submission to SDS chapter members, I have decided to come to WritersCafe with this unique opportunity first!

►There is no monetary compensation for wining, only the promescuity of your piece being circulated among thousands of new readers.

We will be happy to include a backlink in the mailer to your other work on Writerscafe~

here is how it works - these will be voted on by us, the N.W.C. & whomever wins 1,2,3 positions will be staggered in monthly succession to have their chosen piece mailed out.

Any questions msg me here first!

We are looking for any original material, must be shorter than 150 words total please - but the sky is the limit - We look forward to seeing what unique options pop up out there!


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