INSPIRATIONAL CREATIVITY  May 31, 2010 - July 4, 2010

Contest Completed


1st place for most positive writing - a new SUNRISE
2nd place for memorable writing - Step it up
3rd place for most passionate writing - Braving the Storm


Lets get creative and see who can write some of the most moving inspirational poems as possible to help lighten many Americans day.Our country is in one of it's worse slumps ever and with so many of us struggling just to keep our roof over our heads,and so many searching the endless hopeless job search lets come up with the most inspiring words we can to help us keep moving on and striving for the day we are in the clear and rising back to our mighty will we've possessed from the beginning of our countries history. Lets show the world how strong and resilient Americans are!


none simply take pride in being someone that can inspire and touch our fellow citizens enough to pull together and become one strong that will overcome our trying time


Amber Elaine Marshall
Amber Elaine Marshall
Stockton, CA


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Created May 31, 2010