Images of the Spirit  June 17, 2007 - July 17, 2007

Contest Completed


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This contest is for spiritual poetry. While I use the category of religion, it is not limited to one religion, and could include the spiritual. The challenge is to present poetry that is image based. Imagery is the key. The more original the better.

I am now adding part of the introduction to ZED, summer 2007 issue, which promotes the addition of the winners contributions:

Next issue, however, will have the addition of a few other writers. A lot of writers, myself included, are posting poetry online. One site, Writer�s Cafe,
offers a place to post your poetry, comment on the writings of others, and receive comments on your own. The members are also allowed to post contests. I have posted one such contest for Spiritual Imagery,
in which I challenge the poets to write of the spiritual, but with imagery, especially that which would strike the reader as original, rather than symbolic. Believe me, imagism, (which is the practice of using images, rather than describing feelings), and the spiritual do not mix easily. And that is why I posted the contest, to see how other writers handle the problem. There will be more on that problem in the next issue in a personal essay. And there will be the poetry of the three winners.


Publication in the ZED, an E-newsletter with a small distribution, and a free copy of the newsletter it is published in. ZED is a newsletter about Christianity and the arts.


Rod Zinkel
Rod Zinkel
Green Bay, WI


Created Jun 17, 2007