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What does the daughter of Gail Riplinger dream about when controversy plagued her family for years?

Instant Poetry -- Just Add Music!  January 21, 2014 - February 14, 2014

Contest Completed


Instant Poetry - FIRST PLACE - Raise your Pens (Raise your glass Parody) (Pink)
Instant Poetry - SECOND PLACE - On The Outside Looking In
Instant Poetry - THIRD PLACE - Angels in the Clouds (Inspired by You Raise Me Up)



-Poem must be based off a song. Poem must have inspired song as the title.

-Poem should encompass general feel of the song, but also be it's own entity.

-Please, if you can, leave a Youtube link to your song. I'd love to hear it!

-Have fun!!


-cradle therapy-
-cradle therapy-
Inside My Own Mind, Amestris


9 Contestants
16 Submissions
Created Jan 21, 2014