Isn't It Romantic  March 6, 2009 - April 4, 2009

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William Wordworth's "Love" Award - Carry Me, remix
Emily Bronte's"Wuthering Heights"Award - [writing deleted]
Lord Byron's "She Walks in Beauty Award" - Capture Me
Romantic Literature Award - Passion Filled The Night
Classical Romance Award - SECRET LOVE
Modern Romance Award - Enclosed Treasure
Artistic Romance Award - Spanning from my world to yours *
Romantic Fantasy Award - [writing deleted]
Gothic Romance Award - Lust and Longing
Romeo and Juliet Award - Now
Love Story's ' screw Paris and everything... - laying your head down
Moonlight becomes you - As Long As
Days of Wine and Roses - Upon the Petals of a Rose
Candlelight Dinner for two - Candlelight And Wine
Romantic Passion Award - Intimate Moments
A Fool in love Award - Take My Heart
I Love you so much it hurts - A MUSE
Romantic~Honorable Mention Award*** - Passion\'s theme song
Romantic H Mention Award** - Slumber In My Dreams
Romantic H Mention Award* - [writing deleted]


It's Spring,when love and romance fills the air~ so tell me about romance ,love passionate moments ~ it doesn't hve to be about spring love ~ it can be any season, anytime, present /past romance or perhaps dreams of future romance just send in any poems, prose or rhyme and very short storieson romance/love~ no chapters, plays or books please~ send up to 3 entries ~ Contest ends April 4th~Good Luck


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Fran Marie
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