James Crawford  December 24, 2007 - January 15, 2008

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Over all Story Winner 'Win your own Domain Name Contest' - [writing deleted]
Over all Poetry Winner 'Win your own Domain Name Contest' - [writing deleted]
2nd Prize Domain Name Winner - [writing deleted]
2nd Prize Domain Name Winner - [writing deleted]


This is an open entry contest to win your own domain name (www.YOUR CHOICE OF DOMAIN NAME.info)

This is an open entry so I will accept submissions of any type, and any genre the rules are as follows:

1. Stories MINIMUM of 3000 words (this is around 8 sides of A4 wide ruled paper)

OR you can enter

2. Poems MINIMUM of 80 Lines OR if you want to, BOTH

3.Entrys must be in by 31st January 2008

4.Winners will be posted on www.mywritingcommunity.com AND WritersCafe.org

5.Reviews of written work WILL be taken in to consideration so the more popular and the higher the review the better chance of success.

6.There is ONE domain available for stories and ONE domain available for Poetry.

7. The domain suffix will be .info and the choice of domain name is subject to availabilty on the web.

8. This is for DOMAIN NAME ONLY web site hosting is another thing altogether, however free hosting is available and advice will be given where it is available.

9. Website hosting advice is just that advice, please do not inundate me with how tos.

10 There is NO CASH PRIZE ALTERNATIVE please do not enter if you do not wish to win your own domain name.

11. A basic understanding of HTML is preffered but NOT neccessary as start up help will be given to winners.

12.By submitting to this contest you are accepting that your work can be shown on www.mywritingcommunity.com website, any material entered will not be shown any where else and permission is granted for the moderator of this competition to use ONCE only on the site, this does not affect your own copyright and you still keep ownership of the work and can post it where ever you like.

As this is such a different prize I will, I will if needed show you how to have your winning domain name hosted and updated, the domain registration is for ONE YEAR and if you wish to keep it running then I will show you how to as well.


Domain Name Prize


James Crawford
James Crawford
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


Created Dec 24, 2007