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Hi, everyone. I have been a member of writer's cafe since way before the "crash" if you know what I mean. So, I've been through the storms.Well, I need everyone's help. I have reached into another endeavor, and I really need your support. I am an aspiring model as well, now. If I make it, I promise not to forget about you guys. I really need your votes. It only takes 3 seconds I promise. If you could vote everyday, it would really help. Just click the link, click "vote for me" and "submit" that's it. Three seconds. Thanks a whole lot. The first 20 people who submit a piece to the contest expressing support for me or to vote for me and leave a comment on the voting site (which will be the only way I know you voted) stating their writerscafe's member name will receive a Supportive Writer award. Remember there's only 20 awards available. If you're not just seeking an award, but the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone in need, just voting for me would be much appreciated. Thanks a whole lot. I appreciate it more than you know. Here's the link:


Oh, and if you just decide to vote, send me a message,so I know who you are, and can stop by your page. Thanks


$Selfsatisfaction in supporting one of WritersCafe's writers and a award for piece written expressing support, Thanks so very much everyone!!!!



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