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There Are Dementia Patients with More Cognizance Than I - [writing deleted]
I Just Post Whatever My Latest Piece Is to Any Contest - Unwanted Poet
I Am Situationally Aware - Idiots
I Am Situationally Aware - [writing deleted]
I Am Situationally Aware - Following Instructions To The Letter
I Am Situationally Aware - [writing deleted]
I Am Situationally Aware - [writing deleted]
I Am Situationally Aware - Big Stud
I Am Situationally Aware - Epitaphs
I Am Situationally Aware - [writing deleted]


I've created quite a few contests in the past couple of years and one thing that I have noticed is that no matter what I write in this little box, 95% of the entries have absolutely NOTHING to do with the contest theme, ignore the rules completely, and/or are labeled as a writing type/genre that they are not specifically so someone can get their latest piece in.

So, science experiment time, boys and girls. This contest will test whether or not you are paying attention. If you have actually taken the time to read this, simply send in a POEM, genre HUMOR & SATIRE that is nothing but a one-lined humorous quote from either a work of literature, a line from a movie, or a historical figure. Bonus points for those who add a second line that is nothing but the word-for-word repeat of this:

"They tried Raoul Mitgong, but he wasn't much help."

If you have done your due diligence, I will award you a blue ribbon. I don't care if 500 people do this correctly, I will find a way to award you a freakin' blue ribbon.

Those who have just blithely submitted a piece without truly reading the directions will be awarded a scathing award. The irony is, they probably won't pay attention until they've won it before they realize what "winning" this contest actually entails.


$0.00, If you read the directions, the recognition that you at least have some cognizance.



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