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Kinetic Poetry  April 7, 2007 - April 14, 2007

Contest Completed


Dizzying - Paint Me the Sky
Sublimely moving - [writing deleted]
movingly appealing - [writing deleted]
robustly vigourous - [writing deleted]
heart stopping - [writing deleted]
foot tapping - [writing deleted]
swayingly real - [writing deleted]
stompingly subtle - [writing deleted]


poets read poems as dances, moving while they read the phrases, satisfied at pauses and tilts. Have you a poem which can dance? there are some very smooth tango poems on this site, but are there also some rhumbas or Mazurka? and how about a Sacre Du Prentemps?

for people who feel it's not poetry just to mention music in flat-land verse; to say "she moves like dancing", if the poem doesn't dance too.

no censoring... it can be about the flight of angels or the turn of the screw.


$zilcho mogono, place in history



Created Apr 7, 2007