LSD: Part 1  June 20, 2007 - July 1, 2007

Contest Completed


Absolutely Heartstriking - [writing deleted]
The Mushmaster - [writing deleted]
Awwwwww - [writing deleted]
My mother thought it was great! - [writing deleted]


Love Sex Death. The holy trinity of poetry. Part one will be poems of any format centered around the subject of love. There's a catch, naturally. Otherwise you guys would flood this competition in 15 minutes. The following words Ar not permitted to be used in the poem or its title; heart, love, beauty, adoration, care, admire, respect, kiss, soul, everything or forever. Synonyms of said words are permitted but if you are obviously skirting one of the above words, I will frown and your chances of winning will be lessened.


Can't draw blood from a stone my dears


Amanda Crandall
Amanda Crandall
Phoenix, AZ


Created Jun 20, 2007