Lets Call It Hell  August 4, 2007 - September 22, 2007

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Satan(or Lucifer...Your choice) - [writing deleted]
Dark Angel - [writing deleted]
Fallen Angel - [writing deleted]
Vampire - [writing deleted]
Succubus - [writing deleted]
Demon - [writing deleted]
Pile of Ash - [writing deleted]
Mr. Kitty - [writing deleted]


Okay... I know you all know about this place christianity made up. This place is called, hell. I'm obsessed with it, cause I find it very interesting. I want to read something with the following:

1) A clear visual of how The writer wanted their own hell to be seen.

2) Personal beliefs being set aside, what are the rules of this personal hell?

3) who is in charge of this hell?

4) is this hell actually an afterlife? or is it just a physical plain of suffering?


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Aaron J. Wald
Aaron J. Wald
Plymouth, MN


Created Aug 4, 2007