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Sorrowful - Winter\'s Slumber
Tear-jerking - You Are Not Found!
Heart-wrenching - [writing deleted]
Despairing - Dark devotion
Sullen - Jumbled
Mournful - Whispering goodbye
Somber - [writing deleted]
Melancholy - I Want to Feel Something
Wistful - [writing deleted]
Bittersweet - Stranger


At some time in our lives, we have lost something or someone. It is a palpable thing that is loss, but it contains the greatest of feelings: anger, confusion, sadness, and guilt. Moreover, why did it have to happen in the first place?

Your challenge: write about something or someone you lost. It can be your mother, a beloved pet, or an object that lent you comfort.


1] Watch for spelling and grammar errors.

2] Be detailed. Explain your feelings. This time I'll allow you to make the poem as long as you like.

3] Put your heart into it. For some, this is easy; for others, it's difficult. But if it's something that you lost, conceivably it shouldn't be too hard. Just be sincere; tell me what your true feelings are. This should be raw.

Finally, I wish you luck in this endeavor. Sometimes it is hard thinking about something that you've lost (much less writing about it). Regardless, I and everybody else in Darkling believe in you.


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