Love and Hate : War and Peace : Life and Death : Theme  December 31, 2008 - January 1, 2009

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The Yawning Void - Death Rain
Lord or Lady of War - THE DOVES HAVE FLOWN
Master/Mistress of Love - Sanity Pleas
Lord or Lady of Chaos/Misrule - The Story Of My Life,Once Again
Angel of Statutes and Law - Midnight Sky~Villanelle
Eyes of the mirrors of fate - In View of the Lighthouse
The Old Ash Tree - Violet Eyes
Silence - Passion


Essay, *short* story!, poetry
Your best work only, i'm abit twitchy of late and have a bad mouse finger
if you want to rush something off Haiku , coin or other short form


) Romance

Compare and contrast

Babylon and the Beast (Revelations)

Heathcliffe & Cathy

Beauty and the Beast

Romeo and Juliet

In each of these sories what went wrong ? How would you fix it ?

Can you make a happy ending ?

2) Covenant

The covenant between wolves and doves ?

What is the covenant ?

waht happens when it is broken by EITHER party

Consider an Army and its Goverment (People NOT Administration)

3) Compare and contrast

Genghis Khan


any other major empire ?

waht went wrong how can you make a happy ending

4) The past is the past get over it !

it can't be changed , yes you can burn the records, but what good does that do ?

What are YOU going to do to write the future ?

There is a blank scroll at the head of this page.

Time to take up you pen (or sword )




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