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Lovecraftian Works  December 19, 2007 - January 1, 2008

Contest Completed


Found in the Original "Al Azif", first place! - The Disappearance of Edwin Boyd
Found in the greek translation of the Necronomicon, second place! - [writing deleted]


This is a contest for works in that show an influence by H.P Lovecraft. Doesn't have to be about Cthulhu, the necronomicon or anything, it just has to have the feel that somethings wrong that you'd get from one of his works. Not looking for ripoff work, just looking for good Lovecraftian fiction. Winners will be decided by votes.


A shiny medal on your page for winning, and most likely extra story views since it'll be decided by votes!


Phil Kuhlman
Phil Kuhlman
Kerrville, TX


Created Dec 19, 2007