Magic in Her Eyes  January 21, 2009 - June 25, 2009

Reading and Deliberating


Alright. Everyone (well, not everyone) seems to be confused by the opposite sex. I was thinking, and perhaps it would be fun to switch roles. For this contest, if you are a straight female, write a poem from a guy's perspective (it can be your lover, if you have one) about being in love with you. Straight males, write a poem from your woman's perspective about being in love with you. What exactly does (s)he like about you? Your eyes, your smile? What things do you do for him/her that brightens their day? I don't plan on being too strict about this, really. I mean, if you're homosexual, do whatever you feel would be the most fun. lol. And if it's not exactly about YOU to a t, I won't know, and I won't be upset. :) Just have fun! If you need inspiration to write from the other sex's perspective, ladies might find "Her Eyes" by Pat Monahan useful, and guys might be able to draw from "Magic" by Colbie Caillat (sp?). Those are just thoughts to help you along. BEST OF LUCK!




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