Make Her Hot  January 2, 2010 - March 31, 2010

Reading and Deliberating


My wife likes to read's her thing. I write a lot of horny stories for her, but, as it's not my niche, I think I've covered everything I can manage and I feel I'm getting predictable.
So....I thought I'd call a contest that will be co-judged by us both. You can submit any genre of writing that is erotic/romantic...something written with the intent of getting the juices flowing...and I/we will read it and then award the best three with a nice shiny cyber medallion and a comprehensive review of their submitted work, (I got a 'top reviewer' badge recently and it went to my head).
My wife is a sensitive and sensual soul that enjoys the build up almost as much as the psychological stuff will be almost as effective as the physical, but that's the only hint I'm giving! As for me...I'm more of a doing person, but the judgement will be made primarily on my wifes reaction to the content while I'll concentrate more on writing style, etc.
This is the first contest I have called and I will call more on different themes if this is succesful. I don't take these commitments lightly so I won't let contestants down by forgetting about this. I PROMISE!


A fantastic review of the winning submissions!


You made me redundant! You made me redundant!
Thank you for the sleepless night! Thank you for the sleepless night!
The monitor steamed up! The monitor steamed up!


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