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Im a true blue Batman fan. I loved the cartoons, the Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher adaptaions as well as the Christopher Nolan films (does anyone else find Heath's Joker devilishly attractive?) Anyway, give all you have got! i want them bloody and violent, lovey and fluffy, deep and soulful, lusty and erotic, make me laugh, cry, ponder and moan! The catch? since im a devout Joker fan, and i want him in there (no offense but if theres sex i prefer no slash, i like to get my jitters and giggles from Mr. J ravagin a gal...lets me imagine im in her shoes...sigh) Now lets get this party started!

(for the record, i dont own anything that has to do with Batman or any corresponding DC characters...they just make me happy! I only get pure happiness out of this!)


love and adoration


OMG...*faints OMG...*faints
*Harley happy squeak *Harley happy squeak


Edmonton, Canada


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