Masquerade  September 6, 2008 - October 31, 2008

Contest Completed


Master of Disguise - Plagued Wordsmith
Phantom of Facade - The Great Pretender
Grand Masquerader - Words, words, words


What's behind the masquerade
A new facade, an old charade
Look into my open eyes
Do you see me or a new disguise

Welcome one, welcome all, to the masquerade ball. What I am seeking are poems that deal with the idea of masquerades, facades, hiding behind a masque, etc. You get the idea. Anyways, I want to read some of your best poems dealing with this topic. There are no cash prizes, but the winners shall get a lovely award badge to adorn their profile. Have fun.


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Titus McGuire
Titus McGuire
Neosho, MO


19 Contestants
27 Submissions
Created Sep 6, 2008

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