Medical Scares  November 17, 2007 - December 23, 2008

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What I am looking for?

I want your real life stories about being in the hospital here if you don�t have one, write one up for this � nothing fictionalized here I want all out real (blur the lines if you want to do fiction.) Prize here is a signed copy of Ethereal Gazette: Issue Six.
�������I am sure a lot of you have stories about being sick for long periods of time and had the stories of the long hospital stays. What kind of things you felt your imagination run away with you there. I prefer hearing stories from those who are from the Chicago area, but I will take those who are from the region also (Midwest I am talking here � but stories outside of the area will be considered for future issues of Ethereal Gazette.)
�������What I am looking for in the sense of the word counts being between 2200 to 6600 words, nothing shorter than 2000 words. If you read Evil Airs or The Pattern of Diagnosis in Issue Five, then you will have a very good idea what I am looking for here. I am looking for a memoir type quality with the story, tell your story and tell every detail � be descriptive as hell if you come from a horror background like Edgar Allan Poe or H.P. Lovecraft this would be something to play into and would help if you the writer has a bad case of writers block.
�������The prize with this will be a signed copy of the magazine that The Pattern Of Diagnosis is in along with a few random other things I find as far as DVDs or duplicate books I own personally. Titles vary on what I can get. I want to hear your stories about being in the hospital � go for it, there�s a lot of leeway in this one.
�������Stories who are by locals will be in Issue six but I am runin this contest into May so you have a lot of time to keep sending me material. The scarier the better -- and yes I will allow a lot of Goth elements (especially if it is written by someone Gothic.)
�������I've used medical horror and medical terms in horror stories in the past -- the reason for this kind of contest is that I want authors to think outside their genres they normally write in and do something that is true. They must be true for this one (there will be an anthology for this coming out before Tabloid Purposes V will be out. About 14 stories will be picked for the project and if they are between 4000 to 6000 they will be considered for a few print publications.
�������This is another promotional anthology that I will be putting out between the Tabloid Purposes series and the magazine -- There will be a payout of $25.00 for best overall story and it will be paid via paypal. That's a semi-professional rate guys so good luck. MUST BE OVER 19 to be published. I am looking at these the same time when I am looking at submissions for Tabloid Purposes V. Two stories overall will be getting awarded with money and signed books or duplicate books.


$25.00, signed copies of magazines or books (titles will vary upon what I have. (payed via paypal for best overall story)


$25.00 via paypal  and signed copy of a project $25.00 via paypal and signed copy of a project
Signed Project & Duplicat Book I own. Signed Project & Duplicat Book I own.



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