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Miss You When You're Gone  April 15, 2007 - April 21, 2007

Contest Completed


1st Place - [writing deleted]
2nd Place - A Wish or Two............
3rd Place - I can\'t do this with you any more.....


Alright. Holy crap. I just finished my last contest, and now this is my 3rd one in a row. Woo. I dunno, I guess I'm at a loss of inspiration, so I fill my head with other poetry.
Now, what will this contest be about? I feel like being sad, longing sad. So write me a poem about missing someone. I want this to be deep. Make me feel it! Heck, try and make me cry! =P You miss someone! It hurts so bad! OK, now write!


I'm sorry, no prizes.



Created Apr 15, 2007