Modern Day Nursery Rhymes  December 3, 2009 - July 3, 2010

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The nursery rhymes that we heard as kids or that we have told are kids are based on something that has happened in history.
I want some modern day nursery rhymes. I will let you use your own judgement on what time frame is modern.
Try to make it something that would be good for children but on the same note if I get enough 'other than children' I could make a book of those also.

Here are examples for inspiration for Nursery Rhymes use them if you want.
* Salem Witch Trials (US)
* Vietnam
* Korea
* Desert Storm
* Iraqi Freedom
* American Civil War
* American Revolution
* Elvis
* John Lennon
* The Cold War
* The Falling of the Berlin Wall
* Collapse of the Soviet Union
* Spanish-American War (US)
* War of 1812 (US)
* The Alamo
* 9/11
* Katrina
* Napoleon

Please write in your authors note what was your inspiration for your work.
If I get enough good one I am thinking they could go into a book and I could see if it can be published and the proceeds go to a Charity. IF that sounds good start writing!!! And Spread the word to others.




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