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Moral Madness  February 18, 2015 - March 4, 2015

Contest Completed



Hey Hey Hey!! Thanks for checking out this contest! So here's the rules/descriptions....
Short Story/Poem must have theme or moral, like the whole thing leads up to something that can be taken away from the story/poem.
Please so bad language or suggestive words. Your stories WILL NOT be considered and instantly eleminated.
Nothing super long....
You may enter up to 2 pieces of work.
Please also note that I am a teen, meaning I can't and will not read anything "mature" in writing.


Badge and I will review any one work from each of the winners.



23 Contestants
34 Submissions
Created Feb 19, 2015

Heaven Is Accessible
Heaven Is Accessible
Wondering how to be closer to the Spirit? Have you questioned religion lately? Tired of the same routine in life?