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Featured - ` Form of Amusement`
Featured - [writing deleted]
Top 5 - Iron Grip
Top 5 - [writing deleted]
Top 5 - Realization of Insanity


Okay I need to be honest, I'm running out of new things to name this contest. But for some of you this could be new so it doesn't matter.
This contest is for the members of the group Contest Capers, but anyone is welcome to join the group so if you want to enter feel free to join.
You can submit anything (apart from mature writing). Now I need to mention, in the last contest there was maybe one story entered and it would be kinda nice to see a few more out there.
If you enter something that has already placed in a previous contest it won't be considered again. However if you enter a novel you can enter a different chapter and it will be considered (but you must enter the chapter specifically).
I'll decide the top 5 and voting will decide the winners with the top 2 being featured.
Any questions please just ask and have fun.





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