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My Life  October 14, 2009 - October 25, 2009

Contest Completed


Most Creative - [writing deleted]
Most Heart-felt - Little Things
Saddest Story - What Am I Doing Here? (Part 2)
Happiest Story - First meeting
Best Imagery/Detail - What Am I Doing Here? (Part 1)
My Personal Favorite! - What Am I Doing Here? (Part 3)
Most Intense - What Value a Life?


Okay, so lately I've been pondering the idea of writing a book about my childhood. (Gods forbid who ever reads it...!) But I'm curious how people react to REALITY. I want to know and see how it sounds, what it makes you feel, if it makes you it to your OWN life, etc.

So, that's where you come in! ^.^ I want stories MAINLY, but will accept any type of writing. Write about a specific memory of yours, something powerful, something important to you--be it sad, happy, weird, anything....just not pointless! If it means nothing to you, why should it mean anything to your reader?? :P


The top three writings will be featured in the group "Active Reviewers" for 1 week--if you allow it!


Belvidere, IL


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53 Submissions
Created Oct 14, 2009