Necrophilia  December 3, 2008 - January 31, 2009

Reading and Deliberating


Hopefully I spelled it right, but the name says it all. Best necrophilia poem gets the top badge. You guys know the drill. Make it funny, demented, or disgusting. Mad respect goes to the top three.


Badges for your profile and coven love


Necromancer Seducer Supreme Necromancer Seducer Supreme
Graverobbing Heart-throb Graverobbing Heart-throb
Zombie Puppy Love Crush Zombie Puppy Love Crush



7 Contestants
7 Submissions
Created Dec 3, 2008

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  • Only Coven of Manic Poets Members can Submit
  • Only Poetry can be Submitted
  • All Genres of Writing can be Submitted
  • Each Contestant May Submit 1 Piece of Writing
  • Writing may be submitted 12/3/2008 - 1/31/2009
  • Winners will be decided by the Moderator


Voltaire Mephisto (aka Villain) is solely responsible for the content of this contest, including all promised prizes. Take any promises of large monetary awards with a grain of salt. Contact Voltaire Mephisto (aka Villain) if you have any further questions.

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