New Beginnings  May 25, 2011 - June 15, 2011

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The Best Language - poem: Then With the Sun in Their Hands
The Most Emotional - Judgement is our Calling
The Most Original - Brick by Brick
The Best - Newborn Phoenix
Scooby's Favourite - Disappearing


Exactly what it says on the tin.
I want poems about new beginnings. Or maybe really short short stories, as I'm a lazy bean with a short attention span.
I'ma give little medals for the best language, the most emotional, the most original, and the best poem overall.
And another medal for my personal favourite. 'Cause I can.

If your poem has nothing to do with new beginnings, I won't kill you or anything, I'll just quietly ignore it.

I'm a skint teenager, so I can't give you money. But I can give you Scooby Love? (:

I'll let you enter two poems, so you can enter your bestest and your back-up bestest. You don't have to have written it specially, but I'd feel more loved if you did d:

That's basically it.
I can't believe you read all of this...
Anyways, yeah, submit stuff now? :D


Scooby Love, And A Funky Medal.


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