Oh my god that is so gross  April 6, 2008 - May 6, 2008

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Oh my god you are sick - Daddy\'s Little Girl
wow you that was gross - Self Inflicted End To the Voices
You are so wrong - Marissa
What the f**k? - We Are All The Same
You may need therapy - visions of death
honorable mention of nastiness - DaRk CRimson BLooD
- [writing deleted]
- The Mind Of Murder [Explicit]
- Stealing their hearts
- Sick Love


I want you to give me your grossest most morbid story you can think of. Not just blood and guts. I want down right crazy like schizo crazy. Tell me about how the voices in your head told you to kill and then give me the details of the murder.


Just knowing that you have one sick motherfuckin mind


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