On Tap # 3  February 1, 2011 - February 15, 2011

Contest Completed


1st Place-Headliner - That Crack & Grind
2nd Place-Opening Act - O Brother (Death), What thou don't know?
3rd Place-Mic Check - Light and Life (For OnTap #3)
Honorable Mention - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention - Demon Deal
Honorable Mention - Oh Death


Contest for Hair of the Dog Group Members Only

Only briefly do you dare glance up from your half full note book to the stage. Your attention is drawn to a slight and road worn traveler in a dusty tattered tan suit, white wiry hair sticks out from his equally dusty hat. Noticing your gaze is transfixed on him he tips his hat to you as he passes between you and Mable.

A brief glance reveals that Mable also noticed your focus and attention is not on your writing but on this newcomer. She winks and you fight the blush creeping into your face...oh now you will not lose your cool around her.

Mic screech draws your attention back to the old man...who arrived on stage while you were distracted. He begins to sing. He sings his soul without instruments to flavor his salty sorrow and all the more you are compelled to listen.

Contest Objective: Listen to this song and write to it. (yeah, yeah...I know some of you aren't good with audio prompts...but that's what this is all about...pushing your limits)

The Catch: No catch this time...I'll be nice. Just do your best work to represent the feeling and topic of the song. Expand on it or tell it from perspective you're not used to exploring. Show me what you can do!

Oh...and thanks so much for the song suggestion Serial Kisser! Hadn't heard that song since seeing the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?"


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