On Tap # 6  March 15, 2011 - April 4, 2011

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1st Place-Headliner - Mine!
2nd Place-Opening Act - " I Wonder Who Taught You How To Treat A Lady"
3rd Place-Mic Check - She Might Surprise You


Hair of the Dog Members Only

Oh, don't look now but you all have seriously pissed Mabel off! *bottles crash in the stock room* No, don't go back there, you really don't want to see her in this state! She is madder than a wet cat! Seems like someone "forgot" to tip and poor ol' George had to take it out of her pay! And one thing Mabel can't stand is someone messing with her money! She stands firm on the believe that if she gives you what you want then you BEST pay your dues!

Prompt: Describe the one thing that you just won't allow even from your best friend. That line that when crossed is THE declaration of a smack down.

The catch: You have to write it from one of the following perspectives: Your right shoe, elderly woman in the checkout line, well loved pet dog (or cat), the corner gigolo, or George (yes, the Hair of the Dog owner, George).

(Poetry or Prose does not matter...but please keep prose to <1,500 words)


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