One letter poems! (stolen idea...slightly modified)  June 10, 2010 - September 25, 2010

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I did steal this idea from CarolynLewisPoe and I'm sorry....but I loved the idea!

Here's how it message me if you want to participate in the contest! message me one letter and I will give you one word or phrase for you to base a poem around...

for message me the letter "B"
then perhaps I would message you back "bubbles"
you write a poem about bubbles

A Poem by James Paulin

Inflation stirs imagination
Respirations blow floatation
Recreation to relaxation
Infatuation to contemplation
Carbonization or oxygenation
Celebration from fermentation
Flirtation from intoxication
Gasification lifts aviation
Mastication of gum for aeration
Exhalation stretches to optimization
Experimentation ends in a sticky situation

cant wait to read what you write!!


Berea, OH


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The Pernicious Portrait The Pernicious Portrait
A stranger arrives at the gates of the St. Sebastian estate to remind the owner and his butler that the past never dies.
Murder on the Marsh Murder on the Marsh
A young unwed tenant farmer will go to any lengths to get rid of his illegitimate child.