Origin of a Word  May 21, 2007 - July 31, 2007

Contest Completed


Most Original Origin of a Word - [writing deleted]
Most Artistic Origin of a Word - [writing deleted]
Funniest Origin of a Word - [writing deleted]


I would like you to pick your favourite word, and write a descriptive story or poem about how you like to think that word came into existence e.g. created by someone out of desperation, sent from another world.... It doesn't have to be true in any way, the more creative and surprising, definitely the better!!! Max 1500 words please - short and sweet!! And if it's not clear from your story, please mention the favourite word in the title of your entry. Thanks :)!!


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Lola Lamont
Lola Lamont
In a far away land, of camels and sand...


Created May 21, 2007