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Outside the Cafe  November 10, 2008 - December 1, 2008

Contest Completed


In need of writerscafe - 1st place - My First Time
Give me chocolate - 2nd place - Behind My Smile
A cup of tea and a hug - 3rd place - Where is Love?
PostSecret - commendation - [writing deleted]
Secret Squirel - commendation - I Know She Has Something to Hide
A special place in my heart - Missing in Burma
A special place in my heart - i want this to work
A special place in my heart - [writing deleted]


I want to hear about those things that we are unable to share in the "outside" world, your inner most secrets that are only safe in the sanctuary of writerscafe.

Don't feel pressured to share to much, just share, it will ease your pain a little .... I know it does for me, I have a secret that I can share with no-one outside of the cafe. The tears still fall today as they always have done.


$0.00, Respect and a friendly shoulder.


Just Manoosh
Just Manoosh
Wonderland, South East England., United Kingdom


15 Contestants
25 Submissions
Created Nov 10, 2008