Over Your Shoulder  June 17, 2013 - July 17, 2013

Contest Completed


1st Place - The Garden Of Tears
2nd Place - [writing deleted]


What if through your whole life a ghost or some otherwise invisible, undetectable, spectral creature was following you around, looking over your shoulder at all your actions. What would they think of you? Would they like you, hate you, wish you would just take a bath already? How would they treat you if they suddenly became a normal human and had the opportunity to meet you?
Please answer one or both of these questions in some kind of poem or short story for me. :)
You have one month!


1st Place: Three reviews on writings of your choosing. 2nd Place: Two reviews on writings of your choosing. 3rd Place: One review on a writing of your choosing.



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Created Jun 18, 2013