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First - one step
Second - [writing deleted]
Third - Lovers Tree
Fourth - Prologue: The Waterfall
Fifth - Is it Mother's Day?
Sixth - [writing deleted]


Just one paragraph, sounds easy, right? Well, actually, I think it isn't too hard. All you have to do is write one paragraph, no more. It can be on absolutely anything and everything.
Just a few things:
It CANNOT be a story without any line breaks, everything has to be in ONE paragraph. And it CANNOT be incredibly long.
It CANNOT be a poem. It has to be ONE paragraph.
Sorry, I know I'm emphasising on the paragraph part, but I don't want to have to disqualify anyone.
I am not going to care about grammar, but if you do that text type of writing, I probably will not understand half the stuff that you're are saying, which isn't very good for you.
Also, I am most likely going to like creative things more, just so you know.
So, seems pretty simple eh? Get a'writing.


Glory, bragging rights, fame (not guaranteeing it though)



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