Picture Poetry  July 25, 2012 - July 31, 2012

Contest Completed


Picture Perfect - [writing deleted]
Crystal Clear - Predawn Darkness
Dark Scenery - [writing deleted]
Lucid Image - [writing deleted]
Beautiful Haze - River Song


What I'm looking for is Poetry that has a strong imagery to it. I want to be able to picture what you, the writer, see yourself. There are rules though. I will not accept anything that will make me look like a tomato >.< So anything with a strong mental image of nudity or sex is out. Other than that have fun! Looking forward to what you've got ^_~


$0.00, Bragging rights and a smile plastered onto your heart place xD


Serenity Faith
Serenity Faith
Pigeon Forge, TN


24 Contestants
43 Submissions
Created Jul 25, 2012

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