Poems about Death  February 11, 2009 - February 15, 2009

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You mimiced the way i feel (my best friend died last year on feb 13) - My Brother Alvin
i feel so bad - PhotoFrame
im sorry - Ode to a Dying Dead Man
tear sniffle - [writing deleted]
Bless your heart - Canopy


give me the best peom youve ever written about a real love one's death. whether they really did die, or you jsut used them for the topic of your poem doesnt matter. i want to feel your emtions and really know what was going on inside your head when this happened....or didnt depending on the peom. dont make the poems to long or i will get of chuck them like the speed of light <3


$0.00, respect and simpathy from muah


Taylor H
Taylor H
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