Poetry Chain II  August 12, 2007 - October 1, 2007

Reading and Deliberating


It comes from an old story telling tradition: Somebody gives you the first line and you develop a whole story from that. Lets do this with poetry here. And if it works out fine, I want to make this a recurring monthly event. Whoever wins the first contest, will give the first line to the next months contest and so forth ... Any form of poetry is allowed. So heres the next first line in our poetry chain.

This ones from Rie Sheridan who won the last contest:

"The wind blows cold o'er the moor tonight, and the spray drives before the gale--"


$The honour of giving us the nex first line


Chain Bearer of the Month Chain Bearer of the Month
2nd 2nd
3rd 3rd



Created Aug 12, 2007

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