Pretty-Scary Anthology of Women in Horror Contest  March 15, 2007 - October 1, 2007

Reading and Deliberating


Are you a woman that writes with a darker ink than most? Then we would like to see your spill! We are putting out an anthology sometime in the next year (slated for December 2007) and you could be in it! What is this anthology, you ask?

An anthology of raw, female talent in the horror genre.

Writers will be notified twelve weeks after the contest has closed in order to ensure we have read all the entries, and this will allow us time to pick the ones we believe to be the very best in the genre, by women.

NO DEADLINE as of yet!

Good luck!

1.) MUST be a female!

2.) MUST write horror (this could be straight horror or a mix of horror with any other genre or subgenre, including but certainly not limited to splatterpunk!) We don't care, as long as it is well-written and original. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romace, and Bizarro sub-genres totally welcome as long as the main theme is horror.

3.) Work MUST be the authors' original work, plagerism is NOT tolerated!

4.) Stories are to be no more than 5,000 words and no less than 500.

5.) Unless you are utterly outstanding and extremely polished with it, do not send in poetry. Short stories only, please!

6.) Only one submission per author, so pick your very best to send!

7.) PLEASE do a spell check and a grammar check before sending. Take time to carefully proof read as well.

8.)If your submission has been published elsewhere (even on the web), please let us know so it can be noted(though we prefer unpublished pieces).

9.)E-mail submissions must be saved in Microsoft Word (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf), 12 point Times New Roman or Courier font, please.

If you are still unsure of what is required, go here to see an example of how I would like the stories to be formatted:
Thank you!

Finally, have fun.


Publication in the Pretty-Scary Anthology!

Email GabbyGoff (, Managing Editor of your submissions.

Legalities: If accepted, we will ask for your soul and your first born child... just kidding, you can keep your kids.

Seriously, we ask only for First North American Serial Rights and First Electronic Rights, up until the anthology is published. Payment will be decided upon publication.

Extra note: We are also seeking submissions from dark female artists for the anthology! Submit to:
What we are seeking is someone who could create interior artwork that would coincide with the stories that are accepted. Of course, the top artist earns the coveted spot of "COVER".

We are really offering a chance to be "seen"--exposure is a great pay-off. Don't you agree? Artists and Authors that are accepted to the Anthology have the honor of being published in one of the first all-female horror anthologies (the editors are female, the stories are written by women, the artwork will be by women).

Same rights apply.

Thank you in advance for all your entries/submissions. Wear a smile!

NEW NOTE: If you submit something, please DO NOT delete or retract your submission until the submissions call is complete. Thank you!


Publication in Pretty-Scary horror anthology!


The Witch's Den by Pauline Ramsey The Witch's Den by Pauline Ramsey
Tortured Minds by Narnie Tortured Minds by Narnie
Published! Published!
Published! Published!
honorable mention honorable mention
honorable mention honorable mention
honorable mention honorable mention
honorable mention honorable mention



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