Private Moment Poem  December 29, 2009 - January 27, 2010

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Excellent job embodying your private moment - Self Portrait
Great job embodying your private moment - Comfort Measures Only
Good job embodying your private moment - Save my life
Fair job embodying your private moment - Dollar Store
Good effort embodying your private moment - A Lesson Learned


The following assignment was given in a community college poetry course. The course was taught by a poet. I completed the assignment and I would love to read and capture all of your private moment poems.

Think about, a moment that is both meaningful to you and that concerns something you do in private. (I cast a wide net with the term 'private'--it can be in association with another, or completely alone. Privacy happens in many instances, such as in reading a good book of poems, in walking alone in the countryside, in listening to a new record by a singer you admire. Writing itself can be considered a private act. Privacy happens in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, but also in auditoriums filled with many people.) Try to figure out what private means to you, and to work from there. I expect us all to have different definitions of what this means. Do your best to find the best, more colorful, accurate and detailed language to embody your private moment. Please don't censor yourself or you will be erasing part of the complexity and authenticity of the writing.



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