Prose Poetry!  May 22, 2011 - July 1, 2011

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Submit any prose poetry you'd like! Most poets haven't tried it, so hopefully this will encourage you all to give it a go. (:

Examples of prose poems:

Comedy of errors at an elegant downtown restaurant.
The chair is really a table making fun of itself. The coat tree has just learned to tip waiters. A shoe is served a plate of black caviar.
"My dear and most esteemed sir," says a potted palm to a mirror, "it is absolutely useless to excite yourself."
-Charles Simic

I am collecting folding chairs for use in the very big poem I am getting ready to write, something about the size of a small auditorium, only open to the rain and flowers. You wouldn’t believe the way the look of a young cherry tree or a street or a husband can be altered by even a single day without speech. I might use a broom to paint the corners of the poem, and there’ll be a young boy tossing a baseball in the air, higher and higher, always catching it in his glove. I have shells in my throat. It makes it easy to sit by the window watching the world get green in the rain, not making any sound. The young boy with his ball and glove has no fear of the sound of his name.
-Mary Kane


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