Putting An End To Rape  April 11, 2014 - April 30, 2014

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My name is Nicholas Cram. I have very recently have taken an interest in educating the youth... the masses of the horrors of rape. I know this is a very tender subject for a lot of people.
If you have anything to share or let out anything that may have happened to you.. here may be a good start. I'd like to revive chivalry and respect. No means No. Under any circumstance. Help me get word out... Help make this a worldwide movement. IF you have any feelings on this... If you have experienced...I am so sorry. I do not want to exploit you in any way shape or form... but prevent it from happening to others. You have power. You have courage. You have strength.


The start of an amazing movement


Thank You Thank You



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Created Apr 11, 2014

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