QWERTY Challenge  February 25, 2012 - March 31, 2012

Contest Completed


Best QWERTY - Nature's Wrath
QWERTY With The Most Defined Subject - Music
Deepest QWERTY - Decaying World
QWERTY With The Most Interesting Words - Uncertainty
Honorable Mention - Quixotism


A QWERTY poem is a poem in which each word begins with a letter on the keyboard, in order. (If you need an example, read my poem "The Beginning Of The End".) QWERTYs are fun to write, and a great challenge. You have to take a random order of letters and turn it into something that makes sense. I hope you can have fun with this, I look forward to reading what your creative gears can come up with!


$0.00, Bragging rights, a review, a magical unicorn



10 Contestants
12 Submissions
Created Feb 25, 2012

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