Resurrection of Hip Hop  October 23, 2008 - December 13, 2008

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HIP HOP PhD (Brought back the heartbeat) - Waterloo (from Wind 2 Ox)
HIP HOP Paramedic (1st to the scene) - [writing deleted]
HIP HOP Paramedic (2nd to the scene) - Standing up
HIP HOP Apprentice - [writing deleted]
HIP HOP Apprentice - 16 Bars


A contest that can prove the true meaning of hip hop. What was hip hop originally created for? A voice. A way for minorities to be heard.

Well, I want to see what needs to be heard but nobody will speak upon. Go against the grain of society, and tell me your insight on what needs to be changed or recognized. I don't want any commercialized verses. Only pure literature that represents the true form of hip hop.


1. The piece must be at least 16 bars in length. FULL SIZED BARS. I'll help you out on understanding this..... You can't split up one sentence, or rhyme, making it two bars. If you still don't understand then.... sorry. I said I'd help, didn't say I'd teach. lol

2. I want to see people challenge the game of rhyme more. Rhyme doesn't have to always be at the end of a sentence.... mix it up. Keep me awake when I'm trying to read submissions. I'm tired of Dr. Suess lines that ALL end in the same sound. Shake that s**t up.

3. No violence unless speaking of violence. No "I'll murder ya, shoot ya down, bang bang" type stuff. This is solely for the purpose of speaking against such ignorance (yes, I said ignorance). Remember... The origin of hip hop had nothing to do with gangs or violence.

3. Piece can only be posted after today's date. I want to know you had your mind planted on what I propose. So, I will check the submission date. All work entered in the contest must be submitted after October 23, 2008.

4. Since the amount of people on this site is slim for those who write hip hop. I am going to allow each person to submit 3 pieces each.

5. Not only will I be claiming winners of reviving hip hop. I will be proclaiming those who are still killing hip hop. So yes, I will be calling you out for defiling hip hop. Three Winners. Two who get the badge for Hip Hop Homocide.

Ok... enough of me being picky and bitchy... Let's see who has what it takes to put forth the resurrecting piece of hip hop. I'll give you a few weeks to submit something.... See, I can be nice. :o)

Winners will be chosen by me.




Li Li
Li Li
The Land of Misfit Toys, IL


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