Revolution  December 10, 2007 - January 10, 2007


I want to reward people for showing they understand themselves with relation to political persuasions. Who do you support and why?

In England, amongst my friends, there is a terrible attitude towards politics and most of them know next to nothing and are very paranoid about agenda.

I would like to read stories about your views on the fundamental ideas of democracy. Think Plato, Republic. To give you a clearer idea, I want to read stories of any length stating who you support and why and if you are natural, what keeps you that way and what slight similarities have you noticed out there in the world of political democracy. It's here to stay so I want to talk about it.


$30.00 (Thirty dollars- payable electronically via paypal) Subject to recieving ten entries at least., I will be discussing the winning entry at a political meeting at some point in the future. My aim is to help people, just like me, understand politics in a way that empowers us and actually affects our lives positively.


Solst Rapture
Solst Rapture
United Kingdom


Created Dec 10, 2007

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