Rising to the taste  April 1, 2013 - April 8, 2013

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Top Vampire - Character:Frosta
Top human - [writing deleted]
Second Vampire - [writing deleted]


Create a character with a biography, intrest, and a photo to be added to Taste of Roses. Include if he is she is a hunter, vampire, or human. Include their roles, relatives (family), and love intrest. Also what line they desend from. Kendra, Leo, Serilos or Ezara if they are a vampire or Vida (fighter), Light (healer), Night (hunter), or Mecilus(witch/ phelosiphers) if they are a hunter. The top ones for each will be added to Taste of Roses. Take your time, do not be slopy, and add what you think you should. Remember there must be a picture.


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Luna Kusan
Luna Kusan
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