Romantic Heart  September 18, 2012 - October 13, 2012

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1st Place: <3 - 18. Forever
2nd Place: - Somewhere Only We Know
3rd Place: - One night
4th Place: - Six Years


Im a romantic and I wanna see who else has a romantic heart too. Submit your best love story or book and lets see if yours can catch my attention. Im very picky about what I read, especially when it comes to romances so be warned. But none of those gooey mushy stuff, I want a true romance, a true love story. It can be a romance with some thrill, horror, or mystery but the main genre here is romance.
Not everyone has a talent for true romance. To be able to express true love in words. Your entries will tell it all.


Bragging right, a pretty WritersCafe ribbon, Ill give reviews to the winners, and Ill send RR's to all my friends for the first place winner!



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