S. D. Blankenship Writing Contest  March 23, 2012 - November 4, 2012

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The S. D. Blankenship Award - Damned
The S. D. Blankenship Grammy - strange bedfellows
The S. D. blankenship Oscor - I know she's braver than me


S. D. Blankenship. Born Shawn Dwayne Blankenship,
Date of Birth, November 4, 1989, (1989-11-04) (age 22)
Place of Birth, Lewisburg, West Virginia, United States

In this contest, S. D. Blankenship, ask you too write a book, or short story. Something into my tastes of reading and writing. If you are unsure of what I write about then by all means please read my works.

Remember, just have fun, and though it's only a story, you're still the creator. So, make it as terrifying as you think you can.




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Created Mar 23, 2012