Sailor's Dreams  March 13, 2007 - March 23, 2007

Contest Completed


Captain (First Place) - [writing deleted]
First Mate (second place) - [writing deleted]
Spiker (third place) - [writing deleted]
Deckhand (mod's choice) - [writing deleted]


I created a contest because my girlfriend is gone and I am depressed/have nothing to do. And yes, the title of the contest is close to the name of my brother and my production company, but bear with me.

Submit poetry or a collection of poetry that has something to do with sailing, the sea, and the like. It shouldn't be something about actual maritime history, it should be something that carries a theme or pattern of themes all the way through without being too overt. Don't study that last sentence too carefully or you will ruin your own writing. Just send it.
Something emotional; something that makes you want to be stranded on an island with nothing but a captain's hat instead of at your supermarket job or at your school, which reminds you of that someone who is suddenly missing from your life. Go visit them in your writing.





Created Mar 14, 2007