Scare Me  March 28, 2016 - April 11, 2016

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Commander of Hell - An Abandoned School
Second in Command of the Skeleton Army - Claustrophobia
Could Make An Onion Cry With Scariness - Ramblings of Shadows
Scary Like the Child Snatcher is - Pieces


A short story, like the length you might find on sixpenceee's tumblr. Essentially a creepypasta. A minimum of two A5 pages and a maximum of a novella ;)

It can be gory or simply psychological, just as long as you're able to scare me!

Winners won't get money this time but:
4th and over: Selected works will be reviewed and added to my reading list.
3rd and over: Your names will be displayed on my bio.
2nd and over: You have a more in depth description of your work, your work will be in my favourites list as well as being added as a friend.
1st: A very in depth description, your work will be added to all of my lists and you will be notified if I create another contest or see another horror contest.

Good luck!


$0.00, Stated in description.


Rhia Thurman
Rhia Thurman
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